Registration Letter 2019-2020

Application for Enrollment 2019

Jr. K Age Exception Request Form

Tuition Matrix 2019-2020

Registration FAQ’s:
When does registration begin? Registration begins on January 16, 2019
Is registration first come, first serve? Yes, and we encourage you to register early!
Is there an priority order in which students can register? Yes. Registration opens first to families and siblings of currently enrolled students (January 16, 2019), then to students on our wait list (January 18, 2019), followed by the community (January 21, 2019).
What will I need to register my child? A completed registration form along with the registration fee. Note: Registration fees are non-refundable, unless the class does not meet enrollment requirements.
What can I expect after registration? By the end of March, you will receive a packet of required forms that will need to be completed and on file before your child begins classes in September.
When is my first tuition payment due? Tuition is due by September 1st of the upcoming academic year.